Creative burnout: What happens when you lose your mojo?

This was originally posted on my bellydance blog, but the burnout phase & emotions surrounding it apply to all forms of creativity, not just to dance. This is my personal experience - read on for more! As a student of bellydance for nearly 10 years, I’ve had many moments of wanting to give up my … Continue reading Creative burnout: What happens when you lose your mojo?

Kalikah Jade at Cirque de Serpentine, 2013. Image by Spiral Photography.

Yoga for Bellydancers: The Top 10 Poses You Need in Your Practice

In my previous post I wrote about how yoga changed my life, helping me to rehabilitate a chronic back injury and also improving my bellydance technique. This certainly didn't happen overnight, or all at once. Over the course of a number of years I gradually incorporated yoga into my practice and by trial and error I encountered many beneficial poses that not only helped my flexibility but also improved my strength and general wellbeing.